Buzău International
Film festival

4th edition - July 7th – 13th 2019

Red Man

52 min, Mugur Vărzariu, RO

Red Man tells the story of Petre Ignatencu, a professional canonist and taxi driver during the 60s, who firmly believes that the collapse of the communist regime in December ’89 was a major error in History. The nostalgia about a glorified past period could lead to a pathologic point of view towards the present time. Therefore, in a present reality that Petre regards it as turbulent and decadent, he hopes to revive the spirit of the Party. For this reason, he assumes the position of leader and follower of the socialist ideology. His activist actions are clear, determined and full of enthusiasm. A documentary film that aims to be objective, devoid of pathetism and sprinkled with a fine – almost unconscious – humour.